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Dryer vent cleaning

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Advanced vent cleaning technology allows our Service Techs to thoroughly clean your homes dryer ducts. Our safe effective process eliminates the embedded lint and debris that other systems leave behind. And our convenient truckmounted system allows us to perform the dryer duct cleaning while you are home, without a lot of loud invasive equipment. Our truckmounted extraction cleaning technology leaves your dryer duct lint free and provides a state of the art thorough cleaning.


How Dryer Vents Work

Dryers are equipped with vents to carry the moist air created by the heat of the dryer and the dampness of the laundry to the outside. Some of the lint released in the process is also carried outside by your dryer vent. But not all of it.
Some of it is caught in the lint screen you clean after every load. But a lot of it lodges in the dryer vent. The grooves that aluminum dryer vents are equipped with are perfect for trapping this moist lint. Once the cycle ends and the vent cools, the lint dries in place and is notoriously hard to remove.


Helping to keep your home safe through professional dryer vent cleaning services.

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“We had a wonderful experience. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He did a thorough job, and we are delighted with the results. My son and I both have asthma, so tho was a much-needed service. We are so thankf…..”

M Davis


” He did an awesome job cleaning our ducts and vents. Showed before and after pictures. I would definitely recommend Clean Air.”

D Anneta


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