Marble Floor Polish & Clean

Marble Floor Polish And Cleaning

If you have a marble floor in your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home or office, you may wonder how often you should perform marble floor polish and cleaning. In fact, a marble floor is a coveted addition to any residential or commercial space. The main problem with a marble floor is that it’s notoriously high maintenance and requires regular cleaning and polishing. In fact, there isn’t an exact answer to how often should you clean and polish a marble floor because it depends on what kind of activities happen in that room, and how much traffic the floor sees. This article provides information on how often should you perform marble floor polish and cleaning.

Cleaning and polishing a marble floor become a necessity if the floor in your home or office is heavily used. In fact, you need to apply polish more than once on such a floor compared to a marble floor used infrequently. Even if your marble floor doesn’t see much foot traffic, you should get them professionally cleaned at least once a year or once in two years. But floors that are heavily used require more professional cleaning and polishing depending on what type of activities happen in the room.

Fort Lauderdale Marble Floor Polish

What Is Marble Flooring?

Marble is precipitate from dolomite and limestone. In fact, marble is mostly colored by impurities and used for interior and exterior floor applications – both in residential and commercial settings. You will find marble floors in a wide variety of colors including black, red, gray, pink, green, and white mottled. Here are some of the most popular types of marble flooring on the market today.

Golden Calacatta Marble – This is a high-quality stone that’s also called Calacatta Gold Marble. The stone has its origin in Apuan Mountains near Carrara, Italy. The stone is naturally shiny white with deep grey or golden patterns on it. Calacatta Gold Marble provides a graceful appearance to the interiors of your home or commercial space.

Calacatta Michelangelo Marble – This is a kind of white marble – also quarried in Italy. This marble stone is most suitable for mosaic, interior/exterior floor & wall applications, window sills, stairs, fountains, and more. In fact, Calacatta Michelangelo marble can be processed into sawn cut, polished, rock-faced, sanded, tumbled, and more designs.

Silver Beige Marble – This is a kind of gray marble that’s quarried in Turkey. In fact, silver beige marble stone is perfect for sinks, walls, paving, floors, countertops, and similar design projects.

Factors That Affect Marble Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Marble floors require regular cleaning to maintain aesthetics and a shiny appearance over time. Keeping your marble floor looking new is part of protecting your investment and making sure your home or commercial facility is well-maintained. Here are some of the most common factors that affect the condition of your marble floors:

Location – The location of the marble floor affects the amount and type of dirt and sand that gets to the marble floor. For example, if you own a resort near a beach, you may have to clean the floor more frequently.

Foot Traffic – The volume of foot traffic and type of footwear that your marble floor accommodate will have an impact on the condition of the floor.

Cleaning Techniques – Implementing an effective cleaning program is necessary to minimize the frequency of marble floor polishing. The most important thing is to hire a professional floor cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale, FL to do the job for you.

How To Hire A Professional Cleaning Service For Marble Floor Polish And Cleaning?

A professional floor cleaning service can remove etch marks & stubborn stains and maintain your marble floors in a cost-effective manner. DIY cleaning may seem like the cheaper option, but you may end up spending more when you further the damages instead of correcting them. The professionals have the right products, tools, and trained staff to do a great job at an affordable price. You will save time as well as your marble investments when you hire an experienced professional to clean and polish your marble floors.

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